Cyndie Shanahan on Disciplinary Literacy

  • 20 January, 2012

Cyndie and I published an article about disciplinary literacy in December: Analysis of Expert Readers in Three Disciplines: History, Mathematics, and Chemistry. This is the study in which we had historians, mathematicians, and chemists doing think alouds while they read, and from this we were able to compare how these experts from different disciplines read.

  Upon the publication of the study, Cyndie was interviewed about this work and that interview is available to you through the Voice of Literacy, a site I have lauded before in this space. I thought she did great and that you might find this information to be useful. Here is the link. Enjoy.


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Mrs. V Jul 01, 2017 10:15 PM


I just saw Cyndie present yesterday at AERA, and it was perfect that you had posted this earlier so that I went in with a little bit more of a background. I was fascinated by the research process and look forward to reading the publications related to it.

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Cyndie Shanahan on Disciplinary Literacy


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