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  • 02 December, 2017

It is that time of the year again. For the past five years, I have devoted one blog posting to encouraging readers to support literacy charities. I know many of you do so much to teach and promote reading and writing, and I applaud your good works.

It only seems fitting that your charitable giving be aligned with your admirable personal and professional efforts on behalf of literacy.

Each year, I have provided a list of international and national (or at least multi-regional charities) that support literacy teaching or provide books to needy populations. I lack the resources to vet all the wonderful local charities that do this kind of work, so I can’t help you there. But I don’t think you’ll have difficulty finding a suitable place for your largesse from this list.

I only include charities that receive a high rating from Charity Navigator. These organizations are open and up-to-date in their financial reporting and, most importantly, are particularly efficient, spending large percentages of your contributions to charitable action rather than management or fundraising.

They need your help.

Because of the new website design, I now keep that charities list posted all the time.

This link https://shanahanonliteracy.com/charities will take you to that page and you’ll be able to find out everything you want to know about each of these and to make donations directly to them.

These are the charities that you will find there:

  1. Books for Africa
  2. First Book
  3. Jump Start
  4. Reach Out and Read
  5. Reading Partners
  6. Room to Read
  7. United through Reading

 I appreciate all that you do for literacy and hope that you will find a way to help these fine organizations. Thanks for your generosity in the name of Literacy!


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Sinclair Sherrill Jan 19, 2018 01:54 PM

Dear Tim:

While we are "friends" on Facebook, I am fairly certain that you aren't familiar with our mission. I am sharing a link so you can learn more. http://boonphilanthropy.org/index.php

At Boon we are developing a perpetual, nation-wide funding resource for teacher training in explicit, multi-sensory reading instruction methods.

I am a former, national board member at IDA, so I am aware of your relationship with Reading Rockets. Thank you for your amazing work in literacy and reading instruction.

Best wishes, Sinclair

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Time for Literacy Charity


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