Reading teachers matter.

There is no nobler act than to teach someone to read.

Literacy is power.

It is the power to work and to provide for oneself and for one’s family; the power to participate in the civic and social life of our society; the power to learn; the power to pursue happiness.

We must be saved by love.

As teachers and parents we know that the literacy we strive to provide cannot be accomplished alone—we need to work together, and therefore we must be saved by love.

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04 April, 2020

A Gallimaufry of Literacy Questions and Answers

A Gallimaufry of Literacy Questions and Answers Hello, Reading World! As with most of you, I’m sheltering in place… biding my time until the Great Pandemic Pandemonium subsides. Although despite being at what is currently an a...

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Teacher question: You wrote recently that it was a good idea to teach comprehension skills, but our school district says we shouldn’t, that it’s prior knowledge that matters. Do you know the baseball study? Have you read Natalie Wexler’s research? It is really difficult to trust research when everyone tells us something different. Shanahan response:  I feel your pain. There are research results and there are interpretations of research results. What research has been done, what these studies have found, and whether these studies were any good shouldn’t be point...

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07 March, 2020

Why Following the Simple View May Not Be Such a Good Idea

Teacher question: I am an instructional coach for a reading intervention program.  We are a pull-out program for K-8 LD students.  We are implementing an evidence-based approach in our word level reading instruction, but we...

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