Reading teachers matter.

There is no nobler act than to teach someone to read.

Literacy is power.

It is the power to work and to provide for oneself and for one’s family; the power to participate in the civic and social life of our society; the power to learn; the power to pursue happiness.

We must be saved by love.

As teachers and parents we know that the literacy we strive to provide cannot be accomplished alone—we need to work together, and therefore we must be saved by love.

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02 December, 2023

Why Main Idea is Not the Main Idea – Or, How Best to Teach Reading Comprehension

Teacher question: You say that we cannot successfully teach comprehension skills like main idea. But our standards require that we teach main idea, and our state tests ask main idea questions to assess whether our students are accomplishin...

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Teacher question: I am working through my state’s “Literacy Plan.” There are several instructional practices that get the “thumbs down” here as being “not in alignment with evidence-based instruction.” The list is long and includes guided reading, leveled readers, and informal reading inventories. I’m curious what your take on those practices is?  Shanahan response: Thanks for sharing. The list you sent was long and I agree with your state on some of the items (e.g., three-cueing, miscue analysis, balanced literacy – whatever that...

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30 September, 2023

Are Qualitative Assessment and Student Self-Assessment Useful in Reading Instruction?

Teacher question: Our reading program has us evaluating students on several strategies and reading skills (e.g., orienting, predicting, monitoring, story elements, identifying point of view, word solving, retelling, inferring character tra...

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