Reading/Writing Observation Guide
Timothy Shanahan
Resource Alignment Pyramid and Literacy...
Timothy Shanahan
WEBINAR: A Closer Look at Close Reading
Timothy Shanahan and Teddy Redding
A Closer Look at Close Reading
Timothy Shanahan
Listening and Reading
Timothy Shanahan and Monica Brady-Myerov
A National Challenge: What Can Be Done t...
Marilyn Adams, Ian Rowe, Timothy Shanahan, & Daniel Willingham
Teaching Writing to Teach Reading
Timothy Shanahan
Planning Complex Text Instruction
Timothy Shanahan
Teaching with Challenging Text
Timothy Shanahan
Ohio Dept of Educ Early Reading
Timothy Shanahan
Evidence-Based Reading Instruction
Timothy Shanahan
Early Literacy Instruction for Special N...
Timothy Shanahan, Christopher J. Lonigan, and Betty H. Bunce

One of the world’s premier literacy educators.

He studies reading and writing across all ages and abilities. Feel free to contact him.