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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Math literacy resources

November 28, 2007

Recently, I made a presentation about teaching content area literacy. This presentation focused on the need to teach comprehension strategies within classes like science, mathematics, and social studies. As is typical in these kinds of presentations, most of the examples come from literature, science, and history, and some math teachers followed up later with requests for information on the use of graphic organizers in the teaching of mathematics.

I tracked down some excellent sources of information on that topic and provided it. They found this information to be right on the money, so I thought I should post this information here. (The last item does not provide graphic organizers for math, but it includes such good information about teaching literacy within math, that I wanted to include it anyway).

My advice on the use of graphic organizers: they can be a good way to preview material so that students know what is coming, but they are even more useful as a way for students to summarize information. Show students how to construct their own organizers and you'll be way ahead of the game.

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Tate, M. L. Engage the brain: Graphic organizers and other visual strategies, math, grades 6-8. Corwin Press.