Sunday, April 28, 2013

IRA Presentations

The IRA conference last week was great. I took part in many presentations and discussions of research and the common core. I gave a talk on close reading the powerpoint for which can be found in the index on the right of my page. I also gave a talk on the changes to writing instruction and that powerpoint is included here


Russ Walsh said...


I viewed your power point on Planning Close Reading. I think you do a great service to teachers with this clear and thoroughly thought through model. Unfortunately, I think you do a great disservice to Louise Rosenblatt along the way. To reduce her transactional theory to "reader's feelings/menanings are what matters" is a gross mis-characterization of her work. Rosenblatt argues that the initial "lived through experience" of the text is a key to a fuller and richer reading of the text. Indeed, her conceptualization should be a friend to the close reading advocates, because it requires repeated readings and further exploration of the text through the lens of this lived through experience. To deny the role of the reader and the reader's perceptions of the text is to deny the very dynamic transaction that close reading would require of the reader.

Tim Shanahan said...


I don't disagree with your characterization of Rosenblatt's position, but my description is of how that postion came to be realized in our schools. Also, she definitely was never part of the New Critics or their idea of close reading (which is now being realized within the common core).

thanks for your thoughtful input.