Thursday, April 26, 2012

Common Core Presentations and Other Useful Info

This week I made a webinar presentation on behalf of Earobics: Reach. The focus of the presentation was on the implications of common core for struggling readers. Here is the link to that. I also worked with a couple of groups of educators in Wichita, KS and the presentation on common core for that one is included here too. One more thought: Catherine Gewertz of Education Week published a wonderful piece about pre-reading earlier this week. It is definitely worth a read. Here is that link, too.


Aaron Grossman said...

Is there audio included in the PowerPoints that are linked at the Google page? It would be nice to hear the presentation.


Tim Shanahan said...

No, typically I do not have an audio recording. There are some links throughout these blog entries to videos that might be posted somewhere on these, but none linked directly to the PowerPoints. No question that there is a lot more information in my presentations than in the slides themselves.